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Madison, New Jersey


J&M started over 40 years ago by Maria Carwithen, Joseph Matkowski and Michael Matkowski siblings who started their business as a plant stand selling greenhouse and nursery products from Florida. About 35 years ago they purchased property in Madison, NJ and have continued to build J&M into the family-owned enterprise it is today.

Continually growing and changing J&M has come a long way from the plant stand on the side of the road, expanding to offer services and products in Home Furnishings, Clothing and Accessories, Floral and Event, Landscape, Nursery, Seasonal and Greenhouse. Our creative teams include some of the top professionals in their fields, and work collaboratively with each other to create new and innovative designs for your home, gardens and special occasions. Our featured products are from select vendors all over the world, and are brought together in a unique, coordinated presentation that complements and enhances their value and inspires the shopper. 

J&M is a is a home and garden store for those seeking creative ideas and unique products for every aspect of your life!

Wooden Pieces

Wooden creations

Exclusively available at J&M Home and Garden a New Jersey based company, Wooden Creations.   Hand crafted by a local artisan from recycled found wood from the tri-state area. Making each bracelet a one of a kind customizable piece of art.  Available wood types currently include Apple, Maple, Walnut, Holly, Cherry, Sycamore, Blackwood and Canary.  If you have any questions please feel free to call and speak directly to the master woodworker himself Mike Matkowski (973) 377- 4740.  Please allow two week turn around time on all custom orders.



Our process starts with the wood.  Our master woodworker has dedicated over 40 years to learning about the textures and growing patterns of different trees and utilizes this knowledge to choose the best raw materials to create his designs.  Most of the raw wood comes from local fallen or dying trees that J&M Landscaping has brought back to our shop, our artisan then takes what is considered to be "broken" and creates beautiful pieces that connect us to the landscape around us.

The Bangle

This is the smallest size of the wooden bracelet, works great for a simple dainty look or perfect to stack up on your arm.


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The Cuff

The cuff style is our medium sized bracelet, it is thin and light while still being very sturdy and durable, great to mix and match with other size bracelets or perfect to wear on it's own! 


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The Loop

he loop style is our large sized bracelet, it is a composite design with a full unbroken loop of wood on the inside, allowing for more customization in colors and textures while still remaining incredible light and durable. It is great to mix and match with other size bracelets or perfect to wear on it's own! 


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