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201 Main Street
Madison, New Jersey


J&M started over 40 years ago by Maria Carwithen, Joseph Matkowski and Michael Matkowski siblings who started their business as a plant stand selling greenhouse and nursery products from Florida. About 35 years ago they purchased property in Madison, NJ and have continued to build J&M into the family-owned enterprise it is today.

Continually growing and changing J&M has come a long way from the plant stand on the side of the road, expanding to offer services and products in Home Furnishings, Clothing and Accessories, Floral and Event, Landscape, Nursery, Seasonal and Greenhouse. Our creative teams include some of the top professionals in their fields, and work collaboratively with each other to create new and innovative designs for your home, gardens and special occasions. Our featured products are from select vendors all over the world, and are brought together in a unique, coordinated presentation that complements and enhances their value and inspires the shopper. 

J&M is a is a home and garden store for those seeking creative ideas and unique products for every aspect of your life!

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Nest Fragrances

“NEST Fragrances has quickly evolved into a luxury lifestyle brand, offering a full range of fine, fragranced products for the body, bath and home. NEST is well-known for its outstanding and complex fragrances, high-quality, luxurious formulas and exceptionally beautiful packaging.”

- Laura Slatkin, Founder & Executive Chairman

nest bamboo.jpg

CANDLE $39.99


Flowering bamboo is mingled with a variety of white florals, sparkling citrus and fresh green accords.

"Bamboo is my all time favorite fragrance and "go to scent". It is refreshing and not overpowering. Guests are always commenting how wonderful my home smells. I want to light it every makes me feel good! " (Posted on 1/19/2017)
nest bamboo diffuser.jpg


nest cashmere suede.jpg

candle $39.99

nest cedar leaf and lavender.jpg

candle $39.99

Cashmere suede

Enveloping rich and luxe, this scent is a warm woody fragrance. The smoothness of cashmere woods is wrapped in tobacco leaves, black amber and a soft suede accord. Bergamot and fig impart a slight nuance of freshness to the signature wood notes.


Cedar LEaf and lavender

Rosemary, lavender and sage are enhanced with cedar leaves and a touch of eucalyptus.

Although I love my of the Nest Fragrances, this scent is my favorite! It is such a great combination of the calming scent of lavender and the woodsy smell of cedar. Everyone that steps in my house asks what the fragrance they smell is! By now of course they know it has to be a Nest Fragrance! (Posted on 2/17/2017)
nest cashmere suede diffuser.jpg

diffuser $44.99

nest cedar leaf lavender diffuser.jpg

diffuser $44.99